Mission Statement

Wigan Hub (Owned and Operated by Wigan Hub LTD and its Board of Directors) is an exciting, unique concept for the people, communities, organisations and businesses of Wigan and surrounding areas.

For the people of Wigan, we aim to provide you with a “Hub” of information and entertainment. You’ll be able to access the latest News, Events, Interviews, Sports content, Job Listings, Property Listings and Lifestyle features. We’ll have a focus on Wigan, but also look to bring you the latest national trends and “Bizarre” news through The Wigan Bible. We’ll discuss and document exactly what interests you – From the local area (In Local News/Students/Sports), but also nationally in the Entertainment News (Featuring TV/Film Reviews) and Lifestyle sections. We are your “One-Stop Shop”.

For the businesses and organisations of Wigan, we aim to provide you with a “Hub” to promote, collaborate and expand. As a business ourselves, and run by people with business experience, we know the struggle to reach a wider audience in an affordable, cost-effective way. Our facebook page is the largest lifestyle-focused page in Wigan, with over 120,000 monthly users and an astonishing 1.2m reach in 2017. We know how to connect with our audience because we are Proud Wiganers – We are you.

Who Owns Wigan Hub..?

We are a privately owned limited company with a Board of 2 Directors.

John Nicoll

Owner and Company Director. In 2020, John started a Wigan Hub facebook page and had a vision to turn it into a locally renowned brand. John handles the day-to-day running of the business, including advertising, marketing and accounts.

Anthony Gilmour

Editor-In-Chief and Company Director.