The Mystery of a 24-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Finds it Way Back Home

A message in a bottle thrown out to sea by six-year-old Alex Melling and his mum has come back home – twenty-four years later.

30-year-old Alex Melling has been left stunned upon the realisation.

Alex, who lives in Hindley, says he was scrolling on Facebook Group Hindley Residents when he saw a mention of his old childhood address..

As he scrolled back up, he saw his name mentioned in a post.

A man called Rex Winter said he was trying to track down an Alex at that address after his son and daughter had discovered a message in a bottle in a remote bay in Scotland.

The post read: “This summer my kids found a message in a bottle on a remote beach in the west of Scotland. It seemed to be old, and the message inside appeared to have been written by a child.

“The message inside was from somebody called Alex, who gave an address of 27 Gilbert Street, Hindley.”

“I don’t know if the bottle is 5 years old or 30 years old, but I’m sure that Alex would be interested to learn where it ended-up! Is Alex reading this? Or does anybody know who Alex might be?’

Schoolgirl Izzy, who found the bottle says they were all excited when Alex got in touch and they posted the bottle back to him.

They posted the bottle back to Alex him with a bottle of Jack Daniels as a celebratory gift and he has written a letter of thanks to the Winter family.

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