Wigan Women’s Rugby Players Share Their Experiences as LGBTQ+ Players

Ahead of this weekend’s Rainbow Laces Round, Wigan’s Rachel Thompson and Rebecca Greenfield have spoken openly and honestly of their experiences as LGBTQ+ players in Rugby League.

This weekend’s Rainbow Laces Round is part of the Betfred Super League’s ongoing Tackle The Tough Stuff campaign, which in partnership with several leading charities, highlights some of the most pressing issues surrounding physical and mental health.

Speaking in a video released on Thursday, the two Wigan and England players discuss their varied experiences and highlight how the inclusive nature of rugby has helped them.

Rebecca Greenfield, Wigan Warriors Full back, explains how accepting the girls she played rugby with were about her decision to come out:

“I was about 18 when I came out, I had just joined Wigan St. Pats and I think it just allowed me to be comfortable in me. I didnt have the best of times coming out, It wasnt the easiet of times.

“Intially for my mum, I think it shocked her because I don’t think she was expecting it. I went to rugby and the girls around me were all so accepting. I think going to the rugby girls because they understood it and accepted it, it allowed me to be who I am.”

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