Wigan Youth Zone Workers Came To Help Harassed Young People

Two Wigan Youth Zone Workers came to the aid of some young people who were being harassed by a group in a local park.

The Youth Zone outreach team has been praised for its efforts in helping young people feel safe in the Wigan Borough.

A parent got in touch with Wigan Youth Zone over Easter Weekend and said;

“My daughter was with her friends in Wigan Park on Easter Saturday when a group of youths approached them and threw her skateboard into the duck pond.  They felt very scared and quite intimidated by these youths as they were throwing things at them.

“Two Youth Workers from Wigan Youth Zone came to their help and even offered to walk them all to a point where they felt safe. My daughter was extremely upset and shaken by the incident but felt immediately safe when the youth zone workers came to help them. 

“I am very grateful to the two young men who came to help them and find it very reassuring to know that there are people like that around. I just wanted them to know how grateful my daughter and myself are.”

For any more information about Wigan Youth Zone, you can check out their website here.

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