Wigan Dad Takes On Triathalon To Thank Neo-Natal Unit

James Hunter is taking on a 35-mile triathlon to give back to the unit that kept his daughter alive following her premature birth.

Technically made up of five events, James will complete a 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and 10km run, with a 2km walk and a 3km row thrown in for good measure – totalling 56.5km or 35 miles, with the aim of raising £100 for each day Abigail was in NNU.

His wife Emma explained Abigail’s introduction to the world:

“At my 32-week scan, we found out that Abigail had stopped growing six to seven weeks earlier, which in turn led to her being born eight weeks early. Her due date was 8th April, but she was born on 11th February.”

This meant Emma had to have a caesarean section, James later found out that this was vital for Abigail to make it through it:

“One of the Midwives had told me that if we hadn’t of had the section that day; Abigail probably wouldn’t have survived another 48 hours…Someone was watching over us that day!”

Man holding new born baby

The couple then spent five weeks in the Neo-Natal Unit, The support that James and his family had was a motivation to give back and do something out of his comfort zone:

“Throughout it all the Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Neonatal staff provided excellent care, for all of us. It was really tough as the restrictions were tighter than usual due to the Pandemic, but they made sure to keep us up to date all the time, listen to any concerns and answer any questions we had.

“We would like to personally thank Dianne and Beth, who were the Lead Nurses, as well Lisa, Chloe, Jenny, Lynn, Alison, Emily and Dr Tin Win. Over the 5 weeks, every midwife and nurse probably looked after her at some point, so thank you very much.”

You can donate here to help James raise as much as possible for The Wigan NHS Trust’s charity.

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